Skip UDI Wizard in MDT Integrated Refresh Task Sequence

After not having done it in a while, I was testing out OSD Refresh scenario with my MDT integrated SCCM task sequence. I love with this type of task sequence I can deploy the same task sequence as new computer and refresh and allow variables within my CustomSetting.ini file to set variables to automate tasks for either scenario.

First thing I came across was that no matter how hard i told it SkipWizard=YES, the UDI wizard would still appear in my refresh. I don’t like disabling steps in the MDT integrated tasks sequence, I’d much rather use variables so that conditions aren’t met. After struggling with this for a while I found that I needed to set two variables for the UDI Wizard not to appear.


After also setting SkipFinalSummary=YES the UDI wizard was no longer displayed. I’m fine with the Summary screen not appearing during refresh since the computer will likely be in the hands of an end user anyway.

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